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Big Shanty Auction is the auction venture of Big Shanty Antiques. We started out as a small auction company in the backroom of a big antique mall. There, we started to culminate a following of various people from all walks of life who enjoyed auctions and enjoyed getting to know us. From there, we have exploded into an over 5000sq ft space specifically designed for our auction and an over 5000sq ft warehouse space for our items for future auctions. We work hard with our consignors and our bidders to provide the best auction experience that can not be duplicated anywhere else. We now handle an antique mall, monthly auctions with over 500 items of quality that range in time period and category, and estate sales with our professional ladies taking the reigns of multiple sales a month.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our consignors with the highest possible quality and care with their items while allowing our bidders the opportunity to obtain amazing items at great prices.

Our Vision

Our vision is to grow Big Shanty Antiques & Auction into the biggest antiques and auction dealer in the Southeast. We have plans to continuously grow our audience and reach across state lines.

Why Choose Us?

Our Ability To Deliver Outstanding Results For Our Clients Starts With Our Team Of Experienced Veterans.

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Meet Our Team

Dwayne Bramlett
Owner & Auctioneer

Dwayne has been the owner of Big Shanty Auction for a long time and an owner of Big Shanty Antiques for even longer. The height of his knowledge is only surpassed by his physical height.

Drennon Rackley

Drennon has been an auctioneer for many years. He frequently travels all across the Southeast holding auctions which has helped him gain knowledge in the best ways to conduct auctions and in learning more about all sorts of collectibles.

Book Lady
Auction Clerk
Dana Worley
Concession Vendor
Dean "Elvis" Ayers
Scott "Cash" Houston
Antiquities Dealer
Checkin Clerk
Breeze The Knees
Furniture Mover